The foundation of the AirBarge modular System is the family of standard air casters shown above. Six sizes of air casters span the total load range. These air casters can be directly attached to a variety of loads either singly or in multiples. Air caster equipped pallets can be floated under a skid-mounted load at reduced height and then lift the load off its skids by simply increasing air flow into the air casters.

AirBarge Design Superiority

The AirBarge caster is shown in cross-section above. The inflatable portions of the AirBarge seal are completely protected from contact with the floor by easily replaceable flexible wear elements. Result: No punctures and no wear on the diaphragm. In the AirBarge caster, ONLY THE NON-INFLATED WEAR FOOT EVER COMES IN CONTACT WITH THE FLOOR.

The reason for the superiority of AirBarge casters as compared with competitors' units can be seen in the cross-sectional drawings of two competitors' types shown on the left. Both of these designs employ thin-walled flexible diaphragms as air seals to contain lifting air inside the air caster.
These diaphragms operate only a few thousandths of an inch above the floor so they are subject to rapid wear and vulnerable to puncture.


Note the surface of the floor in the photos: Literally covered with sharp metal shavings, chips, cutting oil and solvents. The load floating on an AirBarge air caster simply pushes and blows the debris aside leaving a clean path. No damage can possibly occur to the inflated diaphragm protected as it is by the wear foot. ONLY AIRBARGE SYSTEMS ARE CAPABLE OF RELIABLE OPERATION UNDER THESE TYPICAL SHOP CONDITIONS.